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The Exquisite Caves of Ajanta and Ellora

This journey is to the awe-inspiring paintings at the famous Buddhist caves at Ajanta, situated near Aurangabad. Beginning in the 2nd century BC and continuing for 900 years, twenty six caves were chipped out of a horseshoe shaped cliff. The early followers of the Buddha created an isolated haven, shrouded in the darkness of the caves where they could meditate in peace. The exquisite Buddhist paintings and sculptures created by using simple tools in the glow of lamps rank among the world's most important cultural treasures and has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Although the Jataka tales form the main theme of the paintings, also depicted are scenes from contemporary court life, all demonstrating a startling degree of sophistication. In the Ajanta paintings we see the brilliant union between sacred and secular art.

Nearby is Maharashtra state's most phenomenal ancient monument, the Ellora caves which carried on the legacy of Ajanta from the 7th century AD and has Buddhist, Jain and Hindu influences. The sculptures at Ellora are massive in form and the entire spectrum of carvings pulsates with life and energy. The phenomenal rock cut Hindu temple of Kailash, which is carved out of a hillside and is the world's largest monolith, is the site's principal attraction. Ellora too, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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Extensions that may be added before and after the Exquisite Caves:


In the Footsteps of the Buddha - Peepal Pilgrimage: February 8 - 21, 2020

The Taj Mahal at Agra - February 21- 22, 2020



Caves Option for Peepal Pilgrimage: February 23 - 25, 2020 (3 Days)
Price: US$ 1495 (US$ 435* single room supplement

Day 1: 23rd February 2020: Delhi - Aurangabad by air

Day 2: 24th February 2020: Aurangabad

Day 1: 25th February 2020: Aurangabad - Delhi by air. Caves journey ends.


*Forced single room supplement (in case we are not able to room you with anyone else) will be 50% of the single supplement)

"Whether you are a Buddhist pilgrim or simply want to learn more about the sources of Buddhism, you will find Shantum Seth's guided journey to the places in India where the Buddha lived and taught, a deeply enriching and unforgettable experience."

-Stephen Batchelor, Author of Buddhism without Beliefs

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