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Since 1988...


Everyone Should Visit India at least Three Times in each Lifetime.

A first visit is recommended when you are in your early twenties: an initiation to take in the sights, the sounds and smells of India, to balance the exotic and the banal, to backpack, perhaps intentionally on a shoe-string budget even when you can afford more!

The second time when you are a 'householder': travel with your partner, stay in the luxury hotels, shop, romance at the Taj Mahal and swear eternal love to your beloved.

And a third time is necessary in search of Wisdom: when you think you have done it all, but feel you haven't got anywhere! India is the place to ask the big questions, seemingly without any answers for the world. "Who am I?" We have been debating these for some 5,000 years and yes, we do have some of the answers.

Eleven Directions is 3rd in this august global list (including Plum village and Spirit Rock) of inner journeys in outer spaces. Rating has been done by CNN. Read more...
ahimsa trust


ahimsa trust

A proportion of the proceeds of the above journeys goes to the non-profit, volunteer based organisation Ahimsa Trust. Ahimsa Trust is working for peace through mindfulness in education, sustainable livelihoods and cultural harmony. For more information please click on to: www.ahimsatrust.org

Eleven Directions:

Outbound journeys that also take you inward.

Between the four cardinal directions - North, South, East and West - lie the four intermediate directions: North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West.

Then there are the directions Above and Below. All this adds up to ten directions.

The Eleventh Direction is Inward, the journey into one's self.


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