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Ancient Buddhist Monasteries of India:

9-day Ancient Buddist Monasteries of India

(Open dates)

This pilgrimage will take us to some of the rare surviving sites in the Indian subcontinent where Buddhism flourished on its home soil from the 3rd Century BCE to the 10th Century CE. This journey will include the world-renowned stupa at Sanchi, the rock-cut monasteries of Ajanta and Ellora, as well as lesser-known rock-cut temples, such as Karla, Bhaja, Besla, Nasik and Kanheri. Exposure to such a wide-range of sites will grant us a vivid and physical sense of where and how Buddhism evolved in India.

Although these monasteries are no longer active as places of learning and practice, many are in remarkably good condition. Not only will we be able to enjoy the sheer physical beauty and solitude of many of these ancient sites, but also have the unique experience of studying classical Buddhist texts and meditating in the places where these activities originated in India. By travelling to locations that are off the tourist map, we will be able to enjoy them in tranquility and at leisure, allowing us to appreciate more fully the skill and artistic genius of those who built these inspiring edifices.

This pilgrimage is particularly recommended for those who have completed the traditional journey to the places where the Buddha lived and taught, and would like to extend their awareness of Buddhist India to those places where the Dharma flourished in the centuries after the Buddha's death.


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Day 1 : : Begin in Mumbai, Visit Kanheri and Kondevite caves. Proceed to Lonavla

Day 2 : : See Karla and Bhaja and stay at Lonavla

Day 3: :Visit Bedse caves and proceed to Nasik

Day 4: : Proceed to Ellora and night at Aurangabad/Ellora

Day 5: : Pitalkhora morning, Aurangabad caves in afternoon

Day 6: : See Ajanta and catch a train to Bhopal or by road travel, stay at Bhusaval

Day 7: : Bhopal / Sanchi

Day 8: : Bhopal / Sanchi

Day 9: : Depart for Mumbai/Delhi/Shatabdi to Agra.


"This wondrous journey opens Dharma door after Dharma door. Led by Shantum Seth, the pilgrimage teaches you through history and living Buddhism what the heart of the Buddha was truly about. Shantum himself is an example of practice, an inspiration and a teacher of grace, kindness and insight. With him, you feel the presence of Buddhism as a living tradition of compassion."

-Joan Halifax Roshi, Founding Teacher, Upaya Foundation, USA

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