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We have had the privilege of arranging journeys for a number of excellent institutions and some wonderfully gifted people.



Rietberg Museum


Plum Village


Tricycle Foundation


Phillips Exeter Academy


Institute of Noetic Sciences


Tibet House


Community of Interbeing


University of Oregon


Dedicated Practitioners Programme of Spirit Rock

Zen Peacemakers


Upaya Foundation


Groton School



Allan Badiner Writer and ecological activist. Former Chair of Rain Forest Action Network
Anne Cushman
Author, former Senior Editor at Yoga Journal magazine and Contributing Editor to Tricycle
Arnie Kotler Dharma teacher and the Founding Editor of Parallax Press
Ashok Desai Former Attorney General of India
Bernnie Glassman Founder, Zen Peacemakers
Chan Khong Nun
Chris Germer Clinical Psychologist, Harvard Medical School, and Author
Chuan Leekpai Ex Prime Minister, Thailand
Cynthia Jurs Co-director of Animal Alliance and an ordained Dharma Teacher
Drew Barrymore Actor
Fred Eppsteiner Teacher
Gwendolyn Faasen Musician and Scholar
Jacalyn Benett President and Head Designer of Bennett Company
Jean Baptiste Astic Hotelier
Larry Rosenberg Practicing Buddhist and author of 'Breath by Breath', and 'Living in the Light of Death'
Lynne Twist Author
Maria Semple Author and Screen Writter
Marion Hunt Trustee, Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Martine Batchelor
Author and wife of Stephen Batchelor with an extensive background in monastic Buddhism
Michael Trim Director, 'Weeds' the TV Programme
Nena Thurman Swedish model-turned-psychotherapist. Wife of Robert Thurman and mother to actress Uma Thurman
Nina Gomiashvili Actor and Gallery Owner
Perry Garfinkel Senior Journalist for National Geographic magazine
Robert Thurman Professor, Author and President of Tibet House, USA
Roshi Joan Halifax
Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author
Roshi Wendy (Egyoku) Nakao Abbot and head / resident teacher of the Zen Center of Los Angeles
Sean Williams British Telecom, Speech Writter for Former Prime Minister of UK
Sister Annabel Laity Nun
Stephen Batchelor
Well known contemporary Buddhist teacher and writer
Sting Musician
Thich Nhat Hanh Zen master, peace and human rights activist
Vikram Seth Author
Werner Doyle Neuro-Surgeon


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